Balviten Sp. z o.o.

Gluten-free and low-protein food products manufacturer.

Balviten is a leader amongst manufacturers of gluten-free and low protein food products. More importantly, it is a ray of hope for our Customers who can now improve the taste of their everyday diet. Balviten’s office is located in Katowice, however our manufacturing plant is located in Jadowniki near Tarnów.

Our huge manufacturing and storing space reaches 1500m2 which allows us to deliver every order. We have a modern machinery stock and apply fully innovative manufacturing technologies which results in top quality and best taste of our products.

All that matters is quality! Every stage of production - from raw materials through intermediates to final products - is closely monitored in order to assure the highest quality and safety of offered products and bring our Customers satisfaction.

What does the offer contain? We offer a full range of bread, confectionery, pasta, flour mixes for home use as well as novelties that our market has never seen before.


How to order BALVITEN products:

•          in our on-line store (click here)

•          via telephone: +48 32 220-14-14, +48 32 220-14-15

•          fax: +48 32 441-63-23

•          or e-mail:(